Welcome to My World by Daniel Johnston is about to release its first vinyl

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September 5, 2022



True love will find you in the end.

Eternal Yip Eye Music’s Daniel Johnston compilation, called Welcome to my worldfirst released on vinyl in September.

Designed as an introduction to the labyrinthine world of Johnston, Welcome to my world features some of his most beloved songs.

It includes: “True love will find you in the end”, “Some things last a long time”, “An artist’s story” and “The sun shines on me”.

Originally released on CD in 2006, the compilation now makes its vinyl debut.

Johnston’s work – arguably as influential as his music – was also the subject of an exhibition at Electric Lady Studios in New York last year.

Pre-order Welcome to my world of Gross Trade ahead of its September 9 release; Check out the artwork and track listing below.

List of tracks:

1. Peek A Boo
2. Casper the Friendly Ghost
3. Some things last a long time
4. Walk the cow
5. I’m nervous
6. Obsessed Man
7. Don’t let the sun go down on your grievances
8. Never Before Never Again
9. The sun shines on me
10. Chord Organ Blues
11. Live the Life
12. Speeding on a motorcycle
13. True love will find you in the end
14. Never Relaxed
15. Sorry Artist
16. No woman will make me a George Jones
17. Lennon’s Song
18. Devil’s Town
19. Laurie
20. Story of an Artist
21. Funeral home
22. Go
23. My yoke is heavy
24. Wild West Virginia
25. I live my broken dreams


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