Vinyl Me, Please Set to Build New Press Plant in Denver – News

US-based subscription service and record label Vinyl me, please opens a brand new pressing plant in Denver, Colorado that spans a whopping 14,000 square feet.

The self-proclaimed “Audiophile-Grade Vinyl Pressing Plant” is set to open later this year, offering production services, tours and special events in the western state of Colorado.

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“As VMP approaches a decade of creating transcendent and tangible experiences with music, we are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new audiophile-grade pressing facility in Denver,” the company announced on Instagram in late April. .

The factory will be located in the River North Art District, just steps from Denver’s Mission Ballroom, where it will house listening areas, a cafe, and a bar at night.

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Talk to WestworldVMP CEO Cameron Schaefer said, “What we’ve seen is basically that the demand for vinyl pressing over the last couple of years is far outstripping the supply of record pressing.

“About a year ago, we were really digging into that analysis, because obviously the vinyl supply chain was pretty critical to our business.

“And as we started to interview the heads of the major labels and the heads of pressing plants and distributors, we learned that last year at this time there were approximately 300 million units of pressing demand in the world, pursuing approximately 150 million units of global capacity.”

The pressing factory will also act as an “experimental space with fans in mind”, malleable to different events and experiences where music lovers can see firsthand how records are made.

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Vinyl Me, Please’s latest creation will be directed by Gary Salstrom of Quality Record Pressings. “I’m thrilled to have the resources and partners to create the best vinyl ever, in a place where the experience will be as special as the finished products,” he said.

Construction of the new plant is expected to begin in June, with an opening date currently scheduled for October. The cafe, bar and tours will come soon after, and are expected to open in early 2023. Learn more about VMP’s new pressing plant here.

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