Treat your ears to nostalgia with new soundtracks from Bomberman and Contra Vinyl • The Pop Insider

The Bomberman vinyl features new cover art and cinematic A-side engraving. | Source: Konami

Relive the good old days with new vinyl soundtracks for classic Konami NES games bomber and Contra.

Konami has teamed up with independent New York label Ship to Shore PhonoCo. to release limited-edition vinyl featuring music from both long-running series.

The bomber and Bomberman II the soundtracks were released on a combined album earlier this year, marking the first time the iconic game’s soundtrack has been pressed on vinyl. The limited-edition disc features the work of Japanese artist Maddie Copp on the cover and has an engraving of the game’s sprites that appear to move when the disc is played. This album is available for purchase on the links below. Konami plans to release the Bomber Hero soundtrack on vinyl next year, with bomber upcoming soundtracks.

The Konami x Ship to Shore partnership also includes vinyl soundtracks for Contra. Every fan of Contra whether they played on an arcade terminal or on a Contra micro player, they will find a vinyl that will remind them of the action of their favorite game. Each era of the game will have its own vinyl soundtrack, starting next year for Contra’s 35th anniversary.

This collaboration expands Ship to Shore’s range of video game soundtrack offerings, which also includes Breath of Fire, Celestial, Temtemand more.

Jack L. Goldstein