Tool’s Fear Inoculum 5-Disc Vinyl and Opiate 2 Blu-Ray are up for pre-order

Are there any Tool fans among you? If so, you’ll want to check out these upcoming releases. The first is a limited edition vinyl version of the 2019 album Fear Inoculum, which you can preorder here. The other is a Blu-ray containing a video and an extended version of the song “Opiate”, for preorder here.

Pre-order Fear Inoculum on vinyl and Opiate 2

Released April 8

TOOL: Fear Inoculum Limited Edition Vinyl

5-disc vinyl box set.

TOOL: Opiates 2

Released March 18

TOOL: Opiates 2

Extended version of the classic song with video on Blu-ray, with special features.

Fear Inoculum vinyl releases April 8 and Amazon has it for $169.98. The limited-edition box set includes five 180-gram black vinyl records. Each disc has music on the A side and a unique engraving on the B side. The discs are housed in vinyl sleeves inside a coffee table sized hardcover book with all the new color illustrations. The book comes in a hardshell box.

Here is an unboxing video:

Fear Inoculum Limited Edition Vinyl Tracklist

  • Disc 1 – “Fear Inoculum” and “Pneuma”
  • Disc 2 – “Invincible”
  • Disc 3 – “Inoculant of the Legion” and “Descendant”
  • Disc 4 – “Culling Voices” and “Chocolate Chip Trip”
  • Disc 5 – “7empest” and “Mockingbeat”

In addition to vinyl, Tool is releasing a “reimagined and expanded” version of the song “Opiate” on Blu-ray. It includes a “revolutionary short film” directed by Dominic Hailstone, artist, director and sculptor. He is even does some work in Animal Crossing.

The limited-edition Opiate 2 Blu-ray will be released on March 18 and is available for pre-order on Amazon for $29.98.

Opiate 2 Tool Product Description

From the Amazon page:

“Opiate2 is a special limited edition package, which includes a revamped and expanded version of the classic TOOL track. The song is featured on a Blu-ray DVD which features a groundbreaking short film directed by Dominic Hailstone. Bonus features include Insight and special guest viewing, and this Blu-ray Disc comes packaged in a special 46-page hardcover art book that includes behind-the-scenes and photo making.

“The song was originally released in 1992. TOOL performed this version of the song live on tour, but this is the first time the studio version of this song has been available, complete with stunning visuals in a commemorative package.”

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