Tool enrages fans by selling signed vinyl for $810

Tool fans are a committed group. This is, after all, a band that went 13 years without releasing an album, then came back with a towering 80-minute slab of prog-metal, and the band’s fans pushed that album to No. 1 on the Billboard album charts. The members of Tool may publicly bicker and give conflicting reports on the progress of their new music, and fans will continue to follow all threads religiously. Tool has kept their music off streaming services for years, and that hasn’t dampened their fans’ enthusiasm either. But Tool may have found the upper limit of its fans’ goodwill: a signed LP that costs more than a high-end dishwasher.

On Tool’s Instagram last night, the band announced plans to sell an Ultra Deluxe vinyl version of their 2019 album. Inoculum of Fear during live performances. The album is only available to fans who have purchased Toolarmy’s VIP tickets for their upcoming tour dates. The set includes five 180-gram vinyl records, with music on one side and engraved art on the other. The sets have been autographed and they have fancy packaging. Tool sells these discs for $810.

Even within their famous core of dedicated fans, that price is a little on the high side. Right here is a Reddit thread of Tool fans who are pissed off about the rising financial cost of being a Tool fan. Right here is another thread. If you look online, you’ll find plenty of people who like the idea of ​​owning the Tool vinyl but are pissed off at the mere thought of blowing up multiple car payments to get it. The groups have provoked large-scale fan uprisings for less serious offenses.

Jack L. Goldstein