Tool Announces Ultra-Deluxe Vinyl Version of Fear Inoculum

Tool have announced the release of a super-deluxe vinyl version of their 2019 album. Inoculum of fear.

The news was announced via an unboxing reveal on the band’s Instagram account, but seeing the price of the product, fans weren’t happy. The version, which has been priced at $810 (£595), includes five 180-gram vinyl discs, with music on one side and engraved art on the other. The sets are also autographed, but are only available to fans who have purchased Toolarmy’s VIP tickets for their upcoming tour dates. In other words, they’re seriously exclusive.

Announcing the release, Tool wrote “There is breaking news from the band. After receiving their personal batch of the upcoming (TBA) FEAR INOCULUM ULTRA DELUXE LP, they were inspired to offer this number for sale. very limited pre-pressings at TOOLARMY VIP PACKAGE holders (taking advantage of their early access to merch) starting with tonight’s show in Philadelphia and expanding to remaining shows in Elmont, Newark, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and so on , or until none are available (before the worldwide release which is scheduled for sometime in April).

“Additionally, these first vinyl arrivals (only a tour item at the moment) have been AUTOGRAPHED, adding a personal touch to the cover imagery. The package contains 5 discs of the industry’s finest 180g vinyl, with audio tracks on one side and engraved artwork on the back of each side of the disc.

“While quantities are very limited, if any copies are left, they will be made available to spectators at the general merchandising booth.”

In the comments section, many Tool fans objected to the unaffordability of vinyl, with one user asking if there was “a possibility of a non-silly variant for, you know, just being able to listen on a record player. ?” , while another sarcastically wrote, “This could all be yours for $6,665.99!”

“Aaaaand, those who are not financially able to pay to be in the fan club and who pay much more for a ‘VIP’ experience on top of an expensive ticket… lose out,” one fan said, with responses to the comment. agreeing that the offer is “such a waste. They could sell much more basic black copies, make a ton of money and have happy fans. I wonder why they don’t?”.

Another user asks, “Get me an Ænema at a realistic price and we’ll talk about it. Make these things available at a reasonable price for basic packaging for us audiophiles who actually listen to their records.”

Check it out below:

Jack L. Goldstein