Third Man Records and Detroit Marijuana Producer Team Up For Limited Vinyl Release

Ever since the first state, Colorado, legalized recreational marijuana, celebrities and musicians have used their image to market marijuana products.

Now Jack White’s Third Man Records is using marijuana to market an artist’s product. On August 26, the Detroit boutique and store label will release San Jose stoner metal band Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” record featuring marijuana leaves pressed into the limited-run vinyl record provided by Detroit grower Doghouse Farms.

Due to federal and state regulations, the “Weedian High-Fi” version of the record will be available exclusively through the Third Man’s Detroit storefront, along with pre-orders for the standard black vinyl recording, the label announced on its social media channels. earlier this week. It is federally illegal to ship marijuana products using the mail system or across state lines.

“Dopesmoker” will also return to streaming platforms that day after being dropped in February.

The album was recorded in 1996 and later released in 1999 after the band broke up. They have since reformed and released a comeback album, The Sciences, in 2018 on Third Man Records.

Third Man Records declined to discuss how many pressings it will release, but the album will retail for $150.

Jack L. Goldstein