The deputy. Donna Parchment, CD, JP, Notary Public – Tribute to 60 Jamaican Women

Donna Parchment was born in the parish of St. Elizabeth – Jamaica’s breadbasket – at Hampton High School for girls where her talent for public speaking was discovered and honed, Donna, at the age of 20, is directed to Kingston and the University of the West Indies to do a program in public administration. However, that didn’t last very long, as she soon moved on to Norman Manley Law School.

Called to the bar in 1981, she decided there were other areas of law she wanted to learn. So she went to a number of universities overseas, including the University of Cambridge and the School of Advanced Legal Studies in England. With a distinguished legal career in the public and private sectors, including; The Awards Commission, City of Kingston Co-operative Credit Union, General Legal Council, Director of the Dispute Resolution Foundation, Director of Justice Reform at the Ministry of Justice; appointment as Custos Rotulorum for St. Andrew’s Parish, recipient of National Honor (Order of Distinction, Commander Class) for contribution to the legal profession and public service; Donna was about to break new ground.

In 2015, she was appointed Political Ombudsman by the Governor General, with the responsibility of serving as an advocate and mediator for the safe conduct of elections.

The deputy. Donna Parchment-Brown, CD, JP, notary public and firm believer in Jabez’s prayer; looks forward to continuing to serve his country.

Everything we do will blossom in its time and bear fruit in its season. – The Prayer of Jabez

Conciliator: Someone who calms, soothes and restores harmony in a difficult situation.

Jack L. Goldstein