The Batman Score Gets Mondo Vinyl Release

The Batman score, created by Grammy-winning composer Michael Giacchino, is released on Mondo vinyl with 2 hours of music on 3 discs.

Matt Reeves score The Batman releases a Mondo vinyl. The DC film was highly praised by critics and has already broken records, with The Batman delivering DC’s highest box office opening weekend since Suicide Squad. There was also a lot of attention to The Batman, praised for its dark, mysterious sound that matched the tone of the film. The music is composed by Michael Giacchino, whose credits feature a wide variety of wildly popular films, including Jurassic World, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Planet of the Apes War. The DC film is the fifth time Reeves and Giacchino have teamed up, with Reeves stating that it was “soufflé“at the first audition The Batmanis the threatening main theme.


World, in partnership with WaterTower Music, releases The Batman‘s score on vinyl, now available for pre-order on the Mondo website. The vinyl will feature new artwork by Henry Abrams, pressed on 180 gram color vinyl exclusive to the Mondo online store, with 180 gram black vinyl also available. It will contain nearly two hours of score across three discs, with the vinyl set price being around $50. Mondo Creative Director Mo Shafeek shared his thoughts on the recently announced vinyl. Read his commentary and check out images from the vinyl below:

“In 2022, five decades and nearly two dozen takes on his world’s character and music, it should be impossible to approach the world’s greatest detective with such a fresh and iconic take. But here we are and the soundtrack of The Batman is as inspired and essential as the film itself”

The Batman Vinyl

The Batman Vinyl

The Batman Vinyl

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It is not surprising that The Batman has already received a Mondo vinyl despite only being released last week. Batman movies have always had amazing soundtracks. Whether it’s the work of Hans Zimmer for the Black Knight trilogy or Tim Burton Batman which starred Prince, it’s safe to say that Giacchino’s work is among the best. The score, mixed with Reeves’ incredible vision of turning away from the familiar superhero formula and instead embracing a more detective story, pushed The Batman as one of the best superhero movies.

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Source: Mondo

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