Ted Yoho backs James Judge’s CD 14 campaign

Former US Representative. Ted Yoho endorsed Tampa Republican by James Judge campaign to overthrow the US Democratic Representative. Catherine Beaver.

He cited professional relationships with the judge in the medical field.

“As a veterinarian by trade, I had the opportunity to meet James in 2016 when his company unveiled a new realistic and detailed surgical trainer developed through a private sector partnership with the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. from Florida,” Yoho said. .

“Since then, I’ve had him in my home, got to know him, and I firmly believe he’s not only qualified as a military veteran and small business owner, but that’s just the good kind of guy you want to help guide our republic on the right path and represent the good people of the Tampa Bay area.

Yoho, a Republican from Gainesville, served with Castor in the United States House from 2013 to 2021. He first won a seat in Congress overthrow a holderformer U.S. Representative. Cliff Stearnsin a Republican primary.

Judge filed in January to challenge Castor and quickly has established itself as a strong fundraiser.

He embraced the support of the North Florida politician.

“I am truly honored to receive Congressman Yoho’s endorsement, as he is an inspiration to me on many fronts, and I look forward to relying on his sage guidance once elected,” Judge said. .

“From the start, he set a phenomenal example by committing to self-imposed term limits, as I also plan to do. He also chose to break away from rank-and-file party members and participated as a member of the House Freedom Caucus, which has always championed conservative values ​​and also tried to reign in blatant government spending.

Yoho retired last election cycle after serving four terms and was succeeded by U.S. Representative Kat Cammacka Republican from Gainesville and his former collaborator.

Yoho’s support comes days after Clearwater mayor Frank Hibard also approved the judge.

Still, the race remains a tough climb, and more so than it probably looked when the judge filed his first case. That’s largely thanks to a new map of Congress designed by the Governor. Ron DeSantis It’s okay almost certainly govern the 2022 election cycle.

While the map made a nearby Pinellas County-based seat much more Republican, it made Florida’s 14th congressional district a much safer jurisdiction for Democrats. About 58.8% of newly configured CD 14 voters voted for the Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, compared to Republicans donald trumpis 39.72%.

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