Taylor Swift is the vinyl queen of the world

The list of the world’s best-selling vinyl albums of 2021 is packed with some of the most successful music stars of today and yesterday, with a mix of pop stars and rock bands that made history , all managing to sell good sums of a format that was once thought to be gone. On the first-ever IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) ranking of the 10 best-selling titles on wax on planet Earth last year, only one artist claims a pair of spaces, and in doing so, she proves once again that she is the vinyl queen of the world.

Taylor Swift appears twice on the 10-point tally, as two of her recent releases have sold incredibly well on vinyl worldwide. The top spot for singer-songwriter is Red (Taylor’s version)which lands at No. 6. At No. 10, in last place, is Always. The old effort was released in November 2021, but it still managed to sell quite well in just about a month and a half to hit that tally. Always was originally made available in late 2020, but the vinyl version wasn’t released until May 2021, so it’s not entirely shocking that the surprise feature made it onto this list.

With two of the world’s top 10 selling vinyl albums, Swift can safely be called the vinyl queen of the world, in at least one respect. While other musicians see some of their tracks rank higher than either Red (Taylor’s version) Where Always, the fact that the country/pop/rock icon takes up a pair of spaces on the chart shows that it wasn’t just one of his releases that sold well, but his catalog. She failed to strike gold with a hit album, but instead convinced her fanbase that it was necessary to buy everything she offers in premium format. It’s quite the hustle and bustle in today’s streaming music economy, and it means the musician, not just the title, is the one who’s inextricably tied to vinyl.

World’s best-selling vinyl album of 2021 was Adele’s 30, so in this way, it is the best performing in the format worldwide. The IFPI didn’t provide sales figures, but chances are the British singer-songwriter’s latest release was easily the winner, as it was by far one of the collections most anticipated of all time, let alone last year. The only other women to make the list are Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish. They sit at numbers 4 and 5 with their hit tracks Acid and Happier than ever, respectively.

Interestingly, neither Rodrigo nor Eilish appear on the more global list of the world’s 10 best-selling albums of 2021. While they may have been great performers when it came to vinyl, the young stars apparently didn’t. not sell as well on other formats, such as CD or digital download. On this ranking, Adele is again in the lead, because no one could beat 30. Swift also manages to claim a pair of spaces on this list, with Red (Taylor’s version) hit No. 7 while its other reissue, Fearless (Taylor version)arrives at No. 10.

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Jack L. Goldstein