Sleep Press Cannabis Into New ‘Dopesmoker’ Vinyl Re-Issue | New

legendary metal band Sleep are preparing a new special vinyl edition of their famous 1999 album “Dopesmoker”.

The record descended into the tradition of stoner metal, with its out of tune guitars and slow tempos innovate. A physically all-encompassing experience, ‘Dopesmoker’ has continued to enjoy a cult following, which spans far beyond the vicinity of metal.

Third Man stepped in for a special vinyl reissue, with label-aligned Jack White and the pressing factory bringing “Dopesmoker” back to the shelves.

A standard black vinyl reissue has been curated, as well as a limited edition that features genuine bonafide cannabis leaves pressed into the disc.


The “Weedian High-Fi” edition will be available in the Third Man’s Detroit store on August 26, the same day that “Dopesmoker” returns to digital platforms after its withdrawal in February of this year.

Jack L. Goldstein