RGD Gaming LLC Launches Emergency CD Delivery Efforts to Break EIDL Lockdown – Featuring EIDL Release #1: ‘Schumer: Where’s my EIDL?

TACOMA, Wash., May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RGD Gaming LLC (https://rgdgaming.com/) has announced that it will begin distributing music CDs to shed light on the current EIDL deadlock in Congress. Like many small businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, RGD Gaming is still waiting for the emergency funding promised by the SBA EIDL program, namely a $10,000 to agree. Originally the EIDL Emergency Advance, this program was advertised as a quick way for businesses to get cash to deal with the pandemic, unfortunately the program has since gained a blemished reputation when it was quickly limited to 1k per employee. The latest bill, S 513, languishing in Congress, could ensure businesses finally get their full subsidies by scrapping key provisions for low-income areas. The low-income area provisions were originally intended to help minority areas after December, when Congress moved the EIDL Advance to the Targeted EIDL Advance; however, it has since been criticized as a barrier to corporate capital. The satirical country song addresses the issue and is now available for pre-order. CDs can be sent directly to three key politicians: Senator Rosen, Senator Cardin or Senator Schumer. Schumer Where’s My EIDL can also be heard on YouTube.

“First, 50 CDs to Senate and House Affairs Committees, 3 CDs to SBE Board, 1 CD to Isabelle Guzman and 10 CDs at Allen Ellisoncurrently running for senate Floridawhom I had the privilege of interviewing, said Robert Dunham, founder of RGD Gaming. “While I don’t expect much in response, it’s a protest I feel I must make for the lack of help we’ve seen in Congress. For the past year, companies have been calling, faxing, mailing emails and more to vent their frustrations.” A list of suggestions is attached to the CD packages to alleviate key SBA burdens, for example, increased awareness of 4506T arrears, highlighting technical issues in grantmaking systems, and legislation, such as S 513, to alleviate the backlog of 3 years. Business owners are frustrated with the low-income zone provisions because Congress effectively chooses which side of the street gets badly needed subsidies. Covid did not choose to impact only low income areas, we have all been impacted. Overall, this song is a satire – however, it puts into perspective a year of administrative problems. It needs the attention of the federal government right now. We are asking other small businesses to join us in supporting us. Please help us and other businesses by calling, emailing or faxing any of Senator Schumer’s offices.”

EIDL law for small businesses

Administered by the SBA, federal EIDL loans are wide-ranging and help a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Here are some important details about these EIDL loans:

  • Low interest rates: The interest rate is around 3.75% APR for most borrowers, and even lower for nonprofits: 2.75%. Maximum loan amounts were recently increased to $500,000but this bill would put him in his place $2,000,000 law.
  • Long recovery times: EIDL loans offer an incredibly long repayment period: up to 30 years. A recent increase from 12-month deferral to 24-month deferral is also available for interest and principal payments.
  • Available for non-profit organizations: EIDL provides assistance to non-profit organizations including chambers of commerce, business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, and other professional leagues. PPP loans were not available to 501(c)(6) entities, and many organizations are in dire need of help as well.
  • Burden of proof: Each company/organization must prove that it could not meet the operating expenses during the disaster in question (i.e. the Covid-19 pandemic). For retail businesses that have suffered unprecedented sales losses over the past year and a half, this burden of proof is easy to meet.

Bill S.513 EIDL ensures businesses can get their full $10,000 grants. It increases loan amounts to $2 million and fast-tracks funds to businesses that need it most right now. It must be taken up by the Senate and adopted immediately.

About RGD Gaming LLC

Founded in 2008 by Robert Dunham, RGD Gaming is a miniatures and tabletop accessories company that creates unique, bespoke miniature pieces for the gaming industry and individual gaming customers. The company also helps healthcare professionals train in HIV prevention. Find out more at: www.rgdgaming.com.

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