Retired Los Angeles Council Member Ruth Galanter Endorses Erin Darling in CD-11

The iconic former council member, stabbing victim and slow-growing supporter of change, was responsible for transforming Venice’s historic canals

By Nick Antonicello

Ruth Galanter, the popular former city council member who was part of a new wave of women to serve in city government in the late 1980s and 1990s, endorsed Venice local Erin Darling, a tenants’ rights lawyer who is looking to take over from Mike Bonin who is retiring here on CD -11.

Darling, who is running for the first time for public office, has been endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, LA County Democratic Party, Senator Ben Allen, Assemblywoman Tina McKinnor, Bonin and climate change enthusiast and Oscar-winning actress, Jane Fonda.

A lifelong Venetian, Darling attended law school with Senator Allen as well as Senator Henry Stern. Husband and father of a three-year-old son, Darling is demanding new solutions and approaches to solving the homelessness debacle here in Venice and the rest of the Municipal District.

Calling homelessness the “neighborhood crisis,” Darling offers a 5-point plan to end the current scourge of encampments here in CD-11.

“Rental protections must be applied. Right to an insured lawyer. Rapid relocation to regain dignity. Mental health support as well as drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation while providing a bedroom with a door,” the first candidate for the LA Council offered.

Darling pointed to the fact that all elected officials representing Venice at the state and county levels supported his candidacy.

“I’m running against a former Republican and arguably the most conservative candidate seeking a Los Angeles City Council seat this cycle. For me, this is not a political springboard, but an opportunity to serve some 250,000 inhabitants in a responsible and efficient manner. This is a chance to change the status quo and finally end the scourge of homelessness.

Galanter, a native of New York and the Bronx, is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Yale University. She helped transform Venice’s historic canals in 1988 and served on the Los Angeles City Council from 1987 until her retirement in 2003.

Ruth Galanter rode a wave of anti-growth sentiment when she ousted 18-year-old incumbent Pat Russell to represent the 6th Council District on the Los Angeles City Council.

A stranger to the city’s political machine, Galanter was already well known in environmental circles. She served as director of the California League of Conservation Voters and the South Coast Regional Coastal Commission. As a councilor, Galanter successfully introduced many ‘slow growth’ measures and played a key role in saving the threatened habitat area of ​​the El Segundo Dunes and restoring the Ballona Wetlands. Galanter’s willingness to approve some projects, especially those with developer-funded community amenities, has drawn ire from some anti-development groups. Nonetheless, she won her re-election bid in 1991. Victim of a near-fatal home invasion just before her election, Galanter also focused on public safety measures, such as organizing security watch clubs. neighborhood throughout his district, overseeing the opening of a new LAPD. substation at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, and arranging increased security at area parks.

She was later re-elected in 1995 and 1999, as president pro tempore, oversaw improvements such as building libraries, restoring Venice’s canals and pier, and installing recycling facilities.

Galanter also cited an ordinance requiring low-flow toilets in homes as his most enduring legacy. In 2002, Galanter was redistributed away from the Westside and into the San Fernando Valley. Although unhappy with the decision, Galanter worked hard to get to know the community and work on projects to clean up large amounts of illegally dumped trash. After leaving the Council in 2003 due to term limits, Galanter worked as a distinguished lecturer and scholar at local universities and ran her own consulting business. She continues to volunteer for wetland restoration projects.

Galanter also served on the SC Regional Coastal Commission and was appointed by then California Governor Jerry Brown in 1980.

Galanter also voted to ban sleeping on the beach overnight as a member of the city council.

Darling was touched by Galanter’s endorsement and said during a ZOOM debate on Saturday before the Mar Vista Community Council that he would ensure his council deputies were residents of the areas they represented.

“I am my own man. I propose a real 5-point plan to solve the homelessness crisis while endorsing a timetable for climate change. My Constituent Services will provide real-time customer service and respond to residents within 48 hours of contact,” the candidate promised.

Nick Antonicello is a longtime Venetian covering the race to succeed Mike Bonin in CD-11. Antonicello has filed more stories about the race in CD-11 than in any other medium. Do you have an opinion or advice on the race? Contact Antonicello online at [email protected]

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