Paramida and Salamanda feature on new EOS Radio compilation – The Vinyl Factory

Alongside Kassem Mosse, DJ Slyngshot, luxxuryproblems, Lorica, etc.

Frankfurt label EOS Radio releases a new compilation, aptly titled EOS Compilation 01this month of July.

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Originally established as an online radio station in 2021, EOS Radio describes itself as “an emerging online platform for contemporary electronic music”.

The 16-track compilation features music from artists including Paramida, Salamanda, Anna Hjalmarsson, Katatonic Silentio, DJ Slyngshot, luxxuryproblems, KGA and Kassem Mosse.

It is the first of the label’s releases to be released both digitally and on vinyl, with previous releases being available on cassette.

Pre-order EOS Compilation 01 of band camp ahead of its July 22 release; Check out the artwork and track listing below.

List of tracks:

1. O-Wells – Nyth
2. Triton – Eyes of the River
3. DJ Slyngshot – Untitled (2013)
4. Paramida – Omen (Frankfurt mix)
5. Anna Hjalmarsson – Acid Dream
6. Kassem Mosse – How to end all this chanting
7. Belia Winnewisser – Broken Phone Palm
8. n9oc – Khi Xa
9. Adi – Deep Saudage
10. KGA – Eve Ann
11. Markus Sommer – Ultrasound
12. Phil Evans – Float
13. Katatonic Silentio – Explanatory Tourbillon
14. Lorica – Thorn
15. luxury issues – sky replacement
16. Salamander – Hemo and Globean

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