No one can outsell Taylor Swift when it comes to vinyl, not even Adele

Adele reigns over Billboard charts this week as only she can these days, with her latest album 30 debuting atop the Billboard 200 with the biggest debut of 2021 (over 200,000 units). The highly anticipated project did well across all metrics, but sales helped propel it all the way to the top, as the title was bought by 692,000 fans in the US alone, an unheard of amount of our days.

30 was a huge hit in every possible format, with Adele fans rushing to buy it digitally, on CD and especially on vinyl. While the singer’s new effort may have had the biggest sales figure in a long, long time, it hasn’t quite surpassed another recently set record, as it seems no one, not even Adele, is can beat Taylor Swift.

The new Billboard 200 champion starts with 108,000 vinyl albums sold, a number that would have been incredible just a few years ago. That sum is one that only the biggest and most popular musicians in the world can even approach, and it was only surpassed by Swift… and no later than last week.

When did Swift’s last album Red (Taylor’s version) debuted atop the last frame of the Billboard 200, it did so with 114,000 copies sold on vinyl. At the time, the singer-songwriter broke her own record for the biggest sales executive in the format’s history (at least since MRC Data began tracking purchases electronically in 1991). Earlier in 2021, the “All Too Well” singer reset the best performance ever when Always sold 102,000 copies on vinyl in a single follow-up period.

It was believed, until now, that Adele was the biggest artist in the music industry, at least in terms of sales, and that no one could beat her when she had a new album to share. This turned out to be true in terms of total purchases, but breaking it down by format, it’s clear that Swift really is the queen of vinyl in America. If Adele can’t beat her performance, no one stands a chance right now, although recent outings from Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and even Paul McCartney have also scored massive totals.

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Jack L. Goldstein