New punk vinyl releases and reissues (Mr. T Experience, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks and more)

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Dying Scene Record Radar! This is a weekly roundup of all things punk rock vinyl, highlighting new releases and all those ultra-limited reissues that make the hearts of collector nerds race. So let’s go…

Sleeping heads, wake up! 1-2-3-4 Go! Records has an exclusive new pressing of an East Bay punk classic coming out Friday, July 8 (that’s today!) at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on fire red vinyl, this is Jawbreaker’s 24 hour revenge therapy! Be sure to join their broadcast list to be notified when it goes up.

Save this date! The Mr. T Experience Finally Reissues Their 1997 LP Revenge is sweet, and so are you. Pre-orders for this one begin Monday, July 11 at noon EST. To access the pre-order, you must register this mailing list. This pop-punk classic has been sold out since its first release on Lookout! Records 25 years ago. Don’t miss!

Epitaph Records reissues Down By Law’s 1994 album punkrockacademyfightsong on purple vinyl. This is another that is limited to 500 copies. US pre-orders have already sold out, but the label european store still have some in stock if you can afford the extra postage. Or hey, maybe you live in Europe!

Canadian punk bands Trashed Ambulance have just released a new album titled Future Considerations. It’s available to stream now, but Thousand Islands Records doesn’t expect the LPs to be in hand for a few months. Listen to the album below and pre-order it here (North America) or here (UK).

Calling all punk skate fans! I implore you to discover the new disc of the Australian group No Quarter. If you like fast, melodic punk in the vein of Satanic Surfers, you’ll like these guys. You can listen Fear and Loathing on the Pacific Highway below, and order the LP here.

Feeling nostalgic for the days you used to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater late at night, drinking Mountain Dew and putting Cheeto dust on your Mad Catz controller? Then maybe these vinyl bootlegs of the THPS 1 and 2 soundtracks will interest you. If so, you’ll want to hurry up and grab one. hereas these almost all sold out in just two days.

People of Punk Rock Records will give two Rufio albums their very first vinyl releases. Head to their website Monday, July 11 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time to get your hands on these beautiful new pressings of MCMLXXXV and The comfort of home.

Parking lot has exclusive reissues of three – count ’em, three! – Files of the Agnostic Front. something must give, Riot Upstart Riotand Dread yuppies are all available in limited splash color vinyl. Head to their shop and catch them while everything is fine.

European friends! If you’re looking for a deal on some great punk records, I suggest you head over to SBÄM Records’ online store, where you can save 25% on everything until July 29th. Just enter the code “SBAMFEST” at checkout and you’re ready to roll. They have a bunch of good shit from Pulley, Frenzal Rhomb, Chaser, Guttermouth and many more. You name it, they probably have it!

Now that all the new and upcoming releases have been covered, I thought I’d show you the records I picked up this week, because I’m sure you really care! Anyway, I was in Ocala, Florida visiting my parents on the 4th of July and decided to stop by the aptly named only local record store in town. vinyl oasis. I was very happy to find the Ramones It’s alive II, a Record Store Day 2020 title I had been looking for two years, and I was even happier that it was only $30 (spit it out, resellers!). I also grabbed a brand new 3xLP copy of The Clash’s notoriously bloated sandinista (I like it!), and a few CDs including the very interesting crossover album Misfits / Nutley Brass Fiend Club Lounge.

Well, it’s getting late, so I’ll close on that. If you’re still reading this for some reason, thanks again for listening to this week’s edition of the Dying Scene Record Radar! Is there a new record that you think should be highlighted in next week’s column? Suggestions are always welcome – message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll look into it!

Jack L. Goldstein