New exclusive vinyl variants of “Energy” and “Hectic” from Operation Ivy available here!

Operation Ivy half reunited to perform a song on a special earlier this year, and now there’s even more Op Ivy stuff to get excited about: brand new vinyl pressings of their only album (1989’s Energy) and their 1988 Hectic EP!

We’ve partnered with the band on exclusive variations of each: Energy on neon green vinyl (limited to 500) and Hectic on 12″ neon purple vinyl (limited to 300). Pre-order yours here as long as they last.

We have included Energy on our list of all-time must-have ska albums and here’s what we had to say:

Ska-punk is often accused of being too light or jovial, but Operation Ivy is really badass Energy is the first true classic album of the genre, and there’s nothing lighthearted or jovial about it. Just in case you’re unfamiliar, Energy is Op Ivy’s first and only album released before they split up, and although the band has only been around for two years, their legacy has continued to grow. Tim “Lint” Armstrong and Matt Freeman rose to fame in Rancid, Op Ivy’s former Lookout! Record label partners Green Day have since brought their well-known cover of Op Ivy’s “Knowledge” to hundreds of thousands of people who have never set foot inside 924 Gilman, and the influence of Op Ivy has lived on in almost every ska-punk band of all time. And more than 30 years later, Energy looks as fresh as ever. It bridged the gap between the gritty hardcore of the early 80s and all the massive pop punk and ska-punk bands of the 90s, and it retains the unique ability to be accessible to fans of both camps. Vocalist Jesse Michaels (later of Common Rider then the severely underrated Classics of Love) sounds like he’s singing with nails in his throat, the recording quality is rough as sandpaper and the attitude DGAF is reflected both in the bullshit-free lyrics and in the overall sound of the record. In the lyrics of Duck, it’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it right. But sometimes, as in the case of Operation Ivy, these people become one.

Read the full list here and watch a classic Op Ivy video below. Get the new vinyl here.

In other news, Operation Ivy/Rancid bassist Matt Freeman is sell gear on Reverb.

Jack L. Goldstein