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Music Teacher WIU Releases New CD With Doom Metal Guitarist

July 11, 2022

MACOMB, Ill. — James Romig, professor of music composition at Western Illinois University and 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Music finalist, recently released a compact disc of newly composed original work performed by electric guitarist Mike Scheidt.

Scheidt is the founder and frontman of doom metal band YOB, which for over two decades has garnered critical and public acclaim, including Rolling Stone’s Best Metal Album of 2014.

“The Complexity of Distance”, a 58-minute one-movement composition, was released in late June on New World Records. Scheidt, who befriended Romig in 2015, commissioned the piece, which is written specifically for electric guitar with extreme distortion and amplification.

CD liner notes state that the title, chosen in December 2019, refers to the “shifting temporal distances created by the work’s background rhythmic structure, and also refers to the challenges of collaboration between the Illinois-based composer and the Oregon-based performer.” The notes go on to mention that once the pandemic began, “the title took on added meaning as distancing became a way of life for all of us.”

In late 2020, Romig delivered the musical score to Scheidt, who spent most of 2021 learning and rehearsing the music before recording with producer Billy Barnett at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene, OR.

“I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work for a long time, so it was a pleasure to work with him on this unusual project,” Romig said. “I imagine some listeners might at first be intrigued, even confused, by the idea of ​​a college music professor collaborating with a touring heavy metal musician, but it turns out that the genres of music from Contemporary concert and doom metal have a lot in common: both celebrate experimental approaches to composition in terms of content and form, and audiences for both types of music are willing and willing to commit time and effort. energy to understand and appreciate new, unusual and challenging art.

“Our goal was to create something that would be recognizable to fans of Mike’s guitar playing, while also being recognizable to those familiar with my songwriting style. What came out in the end, however, seems to have some unintended magic: for me, the recording possesses a mysterious blend of carefully calculated musical form and incidental emotional resonance. Mike’s performance is as visceral as it is precise, and he managed to capture my musical intentions and bring them to life in a beautiful way. .

Romig has taught at WIU since 2002 and directs the School of Music’s composition program. His works have been performed in 49 states and 35 countries, and his discography includes 10 released compact discs. He has been a guest composer at numerous universities and has received numerous accolades, including residencies in national parks across the United States and two Copland House Awards.

“The Complexity of Distance” can be purchased as CD or digital download from New World Records, Bandcamp, Amazon and other retailers and streaming platforms.

Posted by: Jodi Pospeschil ([email protected])
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