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Image source: INSTAGRAM/GUINNESSWORLDRECORDS Man sets world record for breaking most vinyl records

A man named Ronald Sarchian from the United States has created a world record for the third time by smashing “the most vinyl records” in just 30 seconds. The man who is also known as ‘the Hammer’ broke the world record in Tarzana, California last year in 2021. But, the official announcement of his world record was made on Friday on the official Guinness World Record social media page, September 2. According to the social media post, Ronald smashed 53 vinyl records in 30 seconds and became the record holder.

The Guinness World Record Instagram page shared a video showing Sarchian breaking the world record for breaking the most vinyl records. Watching the video, one can see how focused and dedicated he was while beating the vinyl records. The caption of the video read: “Most vinyl records broken in 30 seconds: 53 by Ronald Sarchian”

Watch the video here:

People’s reaction to the video:

The video caught many eyes and people all over the world shared their reactions in the comments section. One user wrote: “They literally destroy classic records in history to create records that no one cares to fuxk”. While watching the video, another user wrote, “Heart breaking!! Make him stop !!”, “record record”, wrote the third user.

This isn’t the first time Ronald has set world records. Before that, he also made the Guinness World Records twice. He previously set records for smashing the most watermelons in one minute and hitting the longest punch bag marathon.

By profession, Ronald is a certified personal trainer who loves sports and adventures like football, kickboxing, boxing, road cycling, mountain biking, etc. Ronald also has an online website registered in his name which reveals that he holds almost 32 world records and also aims to continue winning them as long as he is physically able.

The man likes to participate in world records. According to Sarchian, these records had excited him since childhood, when he used to read about them in the paper version of the Guinness Book. He thought that one day he would also create this kind of records.

He set the first world record in 2004, breaking the punchbag marathon record at 36 hours and 13 minutes. After which he managed to break his own record in 12 hours, after which his name was officially included in the Hardcover version of the Guinness Book in 2006.

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