Kode9 unveils new album, Escapology – The Vinyl Factory

The soundtrack to his ongoing Astro-Darien project.

Kode9 releases its first album in seven years, titled Escapologyvia his label Hyperdub in July.

The album is an ongoing soundtrack Astro Darien project, which first emerged as a two-week audiovisual installation at Corsica Studios in London in 2021.

Accompanying this “sound fiction”, Escapology “reconfigure Astro Darien tense, out-of-this-world atmospheres in slices of high definition asymmetrical club beats.

The work for Escapology and Astro Darien was produced by Optimogram and Lawrence Lek, whose Theta the film is currently showing at Future Shockpresented by Fact and 180 Studios.

Pre-order Escapology here before its July 15 release; Check out the artwork and track listing below.

List of tracks:

1. Trancestar North
2. Breakup
3. Toxic Moss
4. Orbex
5. Re-entry angle
6. Free fall
7. In Ben Hope’s Shadow
8. Slim Darien
9. Cross the gap
10. Unroll
11. Astro-Darien
12. Pointe de Lagrange
13. Mooring
14. Torus
15. T-Divine

Photo: Samuel Smelty

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