Kathy Castor, Lois Frankel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz endorse Alan Cohn in CD 15

Several sitting congressional Democrats in Florida have come out in favor of Alan Cohn’s Last Minute Entry in an open race for Congress. Representatives. Catherine Beaver, Lois Frankel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz all endorsed the Tampa Democrat.

Cohn qualified Friday to run in Florida’s 15th congressional district.

“Our neighbors need a trusted fighter who will stand up to special interests that pass the rising cost of living on to you, while pocketing exorbitant profits,” said Castor, a Democrat from Tampa representing the 14th district of the Congress from neighboring Florida.

“You can trust Alan Cohn to fight corporate greed and corruption. If you want to cut costs — at the pumps, electric bills, housing and health care — I need a partner in Congress. Alan Cohn is a difference maker who can win that seat and deliver that powerful representation that our region deserves. I fully support his candidacy and I am convinced that he can and will win in November.

A new congress map signed by the governor Ron DeSantis adds a district assigned to Florida by the 2020 Census. This seat eventually became CD 15, covering East Hillsborough, West Polk, and South Pasco counties.

It’s a competitive seat but leans Republican, with around 50.86% of voters backing the Republican donald trump in the 2020 presidential election and 47.74% in favor of the Democrats Joe Biden. This leaves the seat as one of the most competitive in the state.

Cohn has raced for previous CD 15 configurations twice before. More recently, he won the Democratic nomination in 2020. Republican Scott Franklin at the end of the day won the seat that year, but runs that cycle in Florida’s 18th congressional district.

Cohn is one of five qualified Democrats for run this year in CD 15. But Wasserman Schultz, co-chairman of the Florida congressional delegation, sees him as the star of the ballot.

“Now more than ever, we need strong, independent leaders in Congress who have a plan to get results for hardworking Floridians. Alan Cohn has dedicated his life to exposing corruption and seeking justice,” the Weston Democrat said. “His proven ability to tackle the most pressing issues of the day makes him an ideal candidate for Florida 15. We need Alan in Congress and he can win that seat. He has my full support. »

Cohn released a list of other endorsements secured early on, including Frankel, a Democrat from West Palm Beach.

He also has the backing of the former Florida education commissioner. betty beaverthe congresswoman’s mother and former president of the University of South Florida (USF), and Samuel Bell IIIfounder of USF’s prestigious College of Public Health and former Majority Leader of the State House.

Teamsters Local 79 and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1625 also supported Cohn.

“If there was ever a time and need for Alan Cohn in Congress, it’s now,” said Brian RothmanPresident of Teamsters Local 79.

“Alan has been a union member forever. He always had the backs of working men and women. Yet, at a time when so many families are understandably cynical about whether politics and politicians can or will do anything to make their lives a little better, Alan stands out. He has proven time and again during his career as an investigative journalist his ability to take on powerful interests, speak truth to power, right wrongs and get results. The Teamsters are proud to support Alan Cohn for Congress and will do everything possible to get him elected to represent Florida’s new 15th congressional district.

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