Jon Vinyl Talks Inspiration For New Single “Entice Me” And Beyond

Artist courtesy of photo

Music has always been a cornerstone in the life of Jon Vinyl, her smooth, hymn-like voice first caught her brother’s attention; Jamil, now director of Vinyl Recordings Inc, who felt it necessary for the couple to establish a home studio in which Jon could hone his craft. Fast forward nearly 10 years from the soul singer’s first steps towards realizing the dreams of his youth and we’re gifted with “Entice Me”, Jon’s first single from his sophomore project coming this fall. We had a listening and we must warn, this sexy and melodic number is irresistible… Too bad, you are sure to have it on repeat.

Bathe in seductive acoustic tones as “Entice Me” begins the canorous journey it promises to guide you on, followed shortly after by the soft, sickly beginnings of a vocal composition that depicts a lustful yet playful relationship between two flames… the heat is rising here?… Across the record, Jon flexes his silky chords and masterfully intertwines among tantric guitar riffs and soft basslines; but even more remarkable are the changes in rhythm throughout this virtuoso soliloquy, rendering an image of romantic encounter through auditory imagery.

His new single “Entice Me” is a hard-hitting introduction to what Jon has to offer this fall. A man inspired by the old school R&B of Vandross and Jodeci he heard while helping his mother with Sunday chores, it’s safe to say that Jon Vinyl is taking the right steps to emulate the success of his model.

We managed to speak to the man himself and he gave us some insight into all things vinyl.

Variance: “Entice Me” is already a favorite here at Variance. What inspired the song?

Jon: “Entice Me” is about letting go of the natural urge to hold back when something (or someone) seems too good to be true. It’s about surrendering to indulgence. More often than not, we can get so caught up in such calculated moves that we risk losing the spark, the spontaneity that is in this very moment. I wanted to create something sexy that makes my listeners feel like they need to light some candles and call their partner.

Variance: One of your inspirations and someone you would like to work with is looking for a collaboration, who is it?

Jon: Ohh it’s hard, there are so many talented musicians and artists I would love to work with. Someone like Kaytranada would be a sick collaboration – he’s honestly a production genius, plus he’s a fellow Canadian, and he’s done some really dope work with burgeoning R&B talent. @Kaytranada if you’re listening let’s cook together man!

Variance: You are bound to step further and further into the limelight. Given this, what impact through your sound and expression do you hope to achieve?

Jon: My music presents moving poetic narratives and perspectives. I’ve always been someone with a strong sense of emotion. I feel like society conditions men – and black men in particular – to believe that bottling up our emotions is at the heart of masculinity. But in my honest opinion, I consider these notions to be among our most destructive societal problems. I feel like R&B is the best way to break down the stigmas surrounding male emotion and masculinity by boldly challenging emotional barriers and tapping into some of the most vulnerable moments in my life. Even if it’s difficult to discuss a subject with others, whether it’s a difficult breakup, a bad pass, a creator’s block, etc., you will generally find me to pour those pent up emotions onto paper as I conceptualize the lyrics for my next song.

Variance: We really appreciate the sincerity and the emotion that you share and we cannot congratulate you enough for having sought to set an example to others, of openness of expression. After “Entice Me,” we’re already looking forward to more, and there’s no doubt your fans feel the same way. Any clues for the future?

Jon: When I say I cooked, I mean a full course! We have a great visual dropping in a few weeks for “Entice Me” that I’m excited to share with you all. And I’m also super excited to announce that I’m releasing a brand new project this fall. One thing I’m stepping up to now is live performances and I hope to celebrate my new music with listeners everywhere very soon.

Well, in that case we’ll keep our plates empty Jon. It seems that the R&B scene is unprepared for what this star is going to offer us this fall, an appetizer of “Entice Me”, has already left us room for a few seconds. If you’re looking to satisfy a craving for more Jon Vinyl, check out “Told You” from his previous project lost in you.

Jack L. Goldstein