Hopelifter is releasing a vinyl discography! Check out a remastered track!

After Screw 32 ended, singer Andrew Champion formed the darling, but short-lived, Hope. The Santa Cruz band merged West Coast skate-rock, East Coast hardcore, and post punk, while dropping it all on disparate techniques like blastbeats and soft harmonies. While the band only released eleven tracks, their short stint had an impact on many on the West Coast scene.

And now the band’s entire production is assembled in a nice vinyl package. Anthemology collects the band’s two EPs (previously only on CD) in a 12 inch kicker and all tracks are remastered. Below we have the new master of ‘St. Christopher.”

Speaking to Punknews, the Champion singer said: “The song was about growing up in a small town (Danville, CA) and seeing the trains go through town and wondering where they were going and having a family life. not to mention, being an “outsider” in every possible way from the beginning of things. It’s also finding out that there were other people like me living nearby (like Eric Ozenne) and that not everything was not as hopeless as I thought. That art and music and writing could transcend a difficult existence and a confusing and sometimes dangerous world…that I was never truly alone.”

The vinyl installment is out September 2 via Sell the Heart Records and Brick & Mortar music. You can pre-order the release here and you can check out the track below, right now!

Jack L. Goldstein