Gallop Franklin files for House District 8 candidacy after Ramon Alexander resigns

Just one day after Leader-Elect Rep. ramon alexander announced he would not run again following a series of sexual harassment allegations, Gallop Franklin has filed his candidacy to succeed Alexander in Florida’s House District 8.

Franklin filed his official documents to be on the list of candidates Friday morning, according to the Florida Division of Elections. Franklin’s potential campaign also hasn’t reported any financial activity at this time, either.

While Alexander is still listed in the state database as an active candidate, his dropout from the race leaves Franklin as the only contender for the House seat.

Franklin hasn’t released an official statement regarding his presence in the race and doesn’t appear to be overly active on social media, with just one singular tweet out of a handful of replies appearing on his Twitter account since July 2019 – a Ramon’s retweet Alexander’s campaign reel.

Franklin’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he currently works both as a visiting professor at Florida A&M University and as a clinical pharmacist at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Given the paucity of information online about Franklin, who is registered as a Democrat, it is currently unclear what points his campaign will be on.

Alexander, who currently represents Florida’s House District 8, was set to become the future House Minority Leader. Earlier this week, a breaking news report reported on the Holder’s sexual harassment allegations filed against him by Michael Johnson Jr.

Johnson Jr. claimed on Tuesday that he was improperly released from his duties as associate athletic director at Florida A&M University (FAMU) in January, alleging he was fired after reporting wrongdoing by a parent of Alexander, who also works in school athletics. department, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Johnson filed a lawsuit with the Florida Human Rights Commission in February, the Tallahassee Democrat reported, also alleging that Alexander influenced his power as a politician and school figure in order to protect the employees accused of wrongdoing or poor performance.

Alexander allegedly harassed and intimidated Johnson through telephone contact and work visits. Johnson also accused Alexander of sending her unwanted sexual material, according to the complaint.

Alexander issued a statement this week admitting he had a relationship with Johnson but was never his employer or involved in FAMU personnel decisions.

“Words will never fully describe how truly grateful I have been over these many years representing and fighting for my community in the Florida Legislature,” Ramon tweeted. “Meaningful public service has always been about making a meaningful difference in the lives of others without self-promotion, show or fanfare.”

In a statement, the current Minority Leader Evan Jenne said the Democratic caucus would meet soon to elect a new leader-designate. The selected person is then expected to take over in November when Jenne steps down.

“In the near future, our caucus will meet to elect a new leader-designate who will take over when I step down in November,” Jenne said. “In the meantime, we will continue to focus on solving the state’s problems and improving the lives of all Floridians.”

Jack L. Goldstein