Final Fantasy Electronica Tunes CD available for pre-order; Contains arrangements from Vocaloid producers

Square Enix has announced that a new Final Fantasy The album featuring Electronica arrangements by prominent Vocaloid producers is available for pre-order through their North American digital storefront.

Specifically credited Vocaloid producers are listed below:

  • Aqua3ra
  • Iyowa
  • OSTER project
  • Giga
  • [email protected]
  • NayutaliaN
  • HarumakiGohan
  • Yunosuke

In addition, the tracks to organize are listed below:

  • Chocobo Theme (Final Fantasy 2)
  • eternal wind (Final Fantasy 3)
  • Battle with the four demons (Final Fantasy 4)
  • Battle at the Great Bridge (Final Fantasy V)
  • Let the battles begin! (Final Fantasy VII)
  • The man with the machine gun (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • A place to call home (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
  • dust to dust (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Blinded by the light (Final Fantasy XIII)

Jack L. Goldstein