Discover the very first vinyl record that is also a guitar pedal

As vinyl becomes more and more popular, we’re starting to see some really unique characteristics that the records contain. Last month Sleep released a vinyl with real marijuana leaves pressed on it, and now a band called Brother O Brother has released the first-ever record that doubles as a guitar pedal.

Brother O Brother is a rock band from Indianapolis, and their latest album skin walker just released on September 10. The group has partnered with Roman records and Audio Disruptor Devices to collaborate on a special vinyl release, where the record can also be used as a guitar pedal. It will be sold as a set of two LPs, which will be thicker than usual in order to accommodate all the mechanical characteristics of guitar pedals. Apparently, these are the thickest discs ever made.

Each of the LPs will have different functions – one for delay and one for boost – with the control knobs located in the center where the label is. Both can also be played on a turntable, but the tonearm must be adjustable to accommodate the thickness of the record.

This limited edition version of skin walker is limited to 35 units, and will be available on Romanos website September 17 at 3 p.m. ET. Several other regular variants will also be released, including one that’s full of sand and glow-in-the-dark – so still not quite normal.

Watch a video from Romanus to learn more about how LPs work, as well as see a demonstration of how to use them below.

Discover the very first vinyl record that is also a guitar pedal

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