Discover the exclusive variation of the DEICIDE vinyl box set by metal injection in our new online store

Metal Injection has teamed up with Gimme Metal for a hell of a deicide box variant that you absolutely cannot miss. The deicide Roadrunner years The vinyl box set includes nine LPs and includes:

  • The world’s first vinyl releases of In torment in hell, Insinerateanthemand when satan lives
  • The very first North American vinyl releases of snake of light and Once Upon a Cross
  • The Amon: Feast of the Beast PE
  • A special custom outer box, exclusive poster, insert with track/credit info, and Deicide sticker sheet in an envelope

The Roadrunner years box is limited to 300 individually numbered units, and you can get our exclusive Cool Blue edition here, now available for pre-order. Also available in our new online store are a handful of our picks for some of the best recent and classic metal albums, plus a handful of Kickass Metal Injection t-shirts. Check it all out here!

deicide is currently on the road to play his 1992 record Legion whole with Kataklysm and Inhuman condition as openers. Get the dates below, are some of the deicidefirst concerts of with a new guitarist Taylor Nordberg.

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8/15 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
8/16 Mesa, AZ Nile Theater
8/17 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
8/18 Los Angeles, CA The Regent
8/19 Sacramento, CA Goldfield Trading Post
8/20 Portland, OR Bossanova Ballroom
8/21 Seattle, WA El Corazon
8/23 Denver, Colorado Summit Music Hall
8/24 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
8/25 Minneapolis, MN
8/26 Chicago, IL Lower Lounge
8/27 Columbus, OH King of Clubs
8/28 Indianapolis, IN Irving Theater
8/29 Pontiac, MI Crofoot Ballroom
8/30 Cleveland, Ohio Odeon Concert Club
8/31 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
9/1 Quebec, QC Imperial Bell
9/2 Montreal, QC Corona Theater
9/3 Hartford, CT Webster Theater
9/4 New York NY Gramercy Theater
9/6 playback, PA reverb
9/7 Richmond, Virginia Canal Club
9/8 Greensboro, NC The Blind Tiger
9/9 Atlanta, Georgia Center Stage
9/10 Tampa, FL The Orpheum

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Jack L. Goldstein