Discover some vinyl suggestions to educate, entertain

Here are some Bull Moose ideas for albums that will entertain — and might even educate.

PORTLAND, Maine – Well, this summer has gone by quickly. We are now in a week of September, school is back, and Chris Brown and Mick Werkhoven from bull moose joined us on 207 with some musical suggestions on how to make the transition to class a little easier.

Here are their talking points, with recommendations on several different topics.

Story: Sabaton – The Final Showdown The first period will be the history taught by the Swedish Power Metal band Sabaton. Their specialty is writing ballads and riffs on important moments in military history over the years, and their album “The Last Stand” documents brave battles where one side, well, did its last time. Think of the 300 Spartans or the Satsuma Samurai Rebellion. But Sabaton doesn’t just play instruments! They have an associated YouTube channel where a historian explains the actual events that inspired the songs.

study hall: Brian Eno – Before and after science Technically, it’s after history and before science. But what better soundtrack for studying and concentrating than something ambient?

Science: They Could Be Giants – Here’s The Science Sit down with John and John for a series of educational hymns explaining the many wonders of science. These modern-day Tom Lehrers are here to answer the question, “Why does the sun shine?” Well, of course, because the sun is a mass of glowing gas. Or, more accurately, the sun is a miasma of glowing plasma. Leave it to They Might be Giants to update the lyrics of any of their songs to keep up with the latest discoveries. This is a true commitment to the scientific method!

While reading: Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland It will make sense when you see the folder.

language arts: Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle-earth Are you lost on what’s going on with Amazon’s new show “Rings of Power” and want to know who Morgoth is or what happened in the First Age of Middle-earth? Don’t worry, because Blind Guardian is absolutely here to educate you on all things Valinor, Arda, and the Noldorian race. As these 22 tracks roll by, you’ll be an absolute expert on how the rise of Morgoth and his empire set the stage for the 2nd Age and the events of Rings of Power.

gender studies: Versus! Me – Blues Transgender Dysphoria Rebel, anarchist, trailblazer, and transsexual Laura Jane Grace has penned the most angry coming-out letter in modern music history, and I — in fact — love her for it.

Political science: Rage Against the Machine – Self-titled Anything I put here is gonna get me in trouble, but if you know, you know.

International studies: Pacific Breeze, Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 I never missed an opportunity to promote the music of urban Japan from the 70s and 80s. Songs that will have you stomping on the wheel and sighing while trying to remember a moment you never had. “When I fall asleep in high school late at night, only the halogen lights glow charmingly, and a voice whispers to me ‘Don’t worry

Gym: Jock Jam Volume 1 YA’LL READY FOR THIS? ? Anyone with a television from the 90s knows that this compilation album is all you need for the ultimate workout playlist. It’s just hit after hit. Whoomp, That’s It, Tootsee Roll, It’s Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), The Power, Pump up the Jam. Like, are you kidding me? You’re dancing right now just reading this!

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