Dame Olivia Newton-John releases “Physical: The 40th Anniversary” vinyl

Olivia Newton-John. Photo courtesy of Primary Wave

Dame Olivia Newton-John has released her incredible collector’s edition vinyl “Physical: The 40th Anniversary” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her seminal album.

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His 40th anniversary vinyl is made up of all remastered tracks. It opens on an upbeat note with the snappy, mid-tempo “Landslide,” followed by the neatly grooved “Stranger’s Touch,” and the sassy “Make A Move on Me.”

Her voice on “Falling” is crystal clear and hypnotic, and it immediately transforms into “Love Make Me Strong,” which is an anthem to female empowerment. “Physical” is the global hit that made Olivia Newton-John a household name, and rightly so.

“Silvery Rain” is soothing and contagious. After “Carried Away”, it ends with “Recovery” and the moving “The Promise”, where she leaves her fans wanting more.

A four-time Grammy winner, she released her seminal album “Physical” in October 1981.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 40 years since ‘Physical’ was first released and I’m so glad it’s getting that beautiful 40e anniversary remastered edition on vinyl – isn’t it wonderful that vinyl is popular again? Dame Olivia Newton-John said in a press release.

“I’m so proud of this record because it not only allowed me to try new things musically, but it became such a part of pop culture history and, with the success of the release of the CD/ DVD in October 2021 (#4 on the Amazon charts), it was nice to see how it was discovered by new generations, while giving my amazing fans a collection they seem to love,” he said. she explains.

“Physics” – Part of pop culture

Not only did “Physical” become part of pop culture and help ignite the aerobic and fashion crazes of the ’80s (the latter thanks to Newton-John’s longtime costume designer Fleur Thiemeyer), but it is became the biggest hit of the 80s, spending more time on the Billboard charts than any other song of the decade.

“Physical” is the most successful solo hit of Newton-John’s career and it spent 10 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, from November 21, 1981 to January 23, 1982.

In 2010, Billboard also named “Physical” the “sexiest song ever”. The hit song was so suggestive that it was banned by numerous radio stations around the world, as well as the entire country of South Africa – something Newton-John is proud of today. “I got banned for ‘Physical’ – can you imagine? – I can actually say that I was banished! laughs Newton-John. “This song is a lullaby to what’s on the radio today!”

The “Physical” phenomenon continues today, with artists such as Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus paying homage to the hit song and introducing Olivia and her music to a new generation of fans and listeners.

Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund

Today, Newton-John shows no signs of slowing down. In November 2020, she established the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, an independent charity that sponsors global research into plant medicine for cancer.

These investments in new scientific research will educate patients and their caregivers about gentler options for cancer treatment. The charity is committed to achieving a world beyond cancer. For more information visit the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund.

With its current and ongoing projects and philanthropic efforts, its global popularity and relevance is stronger than ever.

His 40th anniversary vinyl “Physical” is available for pre-order on digital service providers by click here. It’s a must have for all Olivia Newton-John fans, and it garners two giant thumbs up.

For more on Dame Olivia Newton-John, check her out official site.

Jack L. Goldstein