Cover, tracklist, vinyl and release date

Return of Queen Bey is right at the street corner. The pop star’s next album, Renaissancewill be released on July 29. This is her first album since 2016’s landmark album. Lemonademaking this moment pretty one Major. So, of course, Beyoncé gives this deployment all her Virgo energy…literally.

On June 20, the singer revealed that Renaissance will feature 16 tracks, featuring song titles like “Thique,” ​​“Plastic Off The Sofa,” and “Virgo’s Groove.” It’s just the latest in a series of amazing (and timely) album-related surprises. On June 16, the “Break My Soul” singer officially announced the record in a cover story for British vogue. She then followed up by dropping the first single, “Break My Soul”, on June 20.

With the album imminent, here’s everything you need to know about Renaissance. Just a word of advice: you might want to gather your finest go-go boots and disco outfit for this dance-inspired album.

by Beyoncé Renaissance Release date

Renaissance will be released on Friday, July 29.

by Beyoncé Renaissance Cover

Beyoncé unveiled the cover art for her upcoming album on June 30 in an Instagram post. Photographed by Carlijn Jacobs, the stunning cover showed the pop star royally seated on a crystallized horse. In the caption, Beyoncé refers to the album as Act I: Rebirth. Is she teasing maybe Act 2 could be on the horizon? I am not complain if so.

What does Beyoncé say about Renaissance?

In a note accompanying her June 30 Instagram post, Beyoncé said creating the album was liberating. “Creating this album allowed me to dream and find escape in a frightening time for the world,” she wrote. “It made me feel free and adventurous at a time when nothing else was happening.”

With the world still largely locked down, the singer declared her intention with Renaissance was to create a safe space for listeners. “A place to be free from perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, to break free, to feel freedom,” she said. “It was a beautiful journey of exploration. find joy in this music. I hope it inspires you to let go. Ha! And to feel as unique, strong and sexy as you are.

by Beyoncé Renaissance Track list

On July 20, Beyoncé unveiled the tracklist for Renaissance on her Instagram story and website. The scintillating tracklist, reminiscent of the luminous hue of the album cover, included 16 songs.

They are:

  1. “I am that girl”
  2. “Comfortable”
  3. “Alien Superstar”
  4. “Handcuff Him”
  5. “Energy”
  6. “Break My Soul”
  7. “Church Girl”
  8. “Plastic on the Couch”
  9. “The Groove of the Virgin”
  10. “Move”
  11. “Heated”
  12. “Thic”
  13. “All in Your Mind”
  14. “America has a problem”
  15. “Pure Honey”
  16. “Summer Rebirth”

by Beyoncé Renaissance Vinyl And Boxes

Beyoncé also dropped a Renaissance box on its site. Sold out sets included one or more of the following: a 28-page booklet, a mini-poster, a CD and a T-shirt ranging in size from small to 5XL.

For those who couldn’t mark a box, she Renaissance vinyl is available for purchase. The the limited-edition vinyl is $32.98 on its website and will feature alternative coverage. It is not yet known what the second cover will look like. According to Beyoncé’s website, the art will be unveiled at a later date. Vinyls should be shipped when the album is released.

Like Beyoncé, I’m in the mood to feel carefree and shameless. It seems like Renaissance will be the perfect way to get loose, and I’m then ready for what the album has to offer.

Jack L. Goldstein