Community Celebrates CD Designation and Lucinda Beasley Memorial Highway | New

The South Harper Street extension was unveiled as CD and Lucinda Beasley Memorial Highway at a special ceremony on Friday.

Family members, community members and community leaders gathered at Beasley Funeral Home to honor the legacy of the beloved couple.

Their legacy was not easy. They faced wars, civil unrest and the Great Depression. CD only had an eighth grade education, but that didn’t stop him from being a successful owner of multiple businesses.

From a hair salon to a funeral home and even a gas station, Lucinda was by her side as she pursued her teaching career.

Lucinda earned a bachelor’s degree from Allen University and a master’s degree in education from South Carolina State University. She was a teacher in Laurens County for 33 years.

Their success as business owners isn’t the only legacy they left behind. Their love for people, regardless of their skin color, marked those who knew them.

CD and Lucinda have worked to make their community a place for everyone. Lucinda helped schools integrate during her teaching years. The CD would provide ideas for community leaders on how to make things better for everyone.

The mark they left on the community has reached those who never had the chance to know them personally. Their legacy is carried on by their children and grandchildren.

Jack L. Goldstein