Classic Vinyl 931 lights up a summer evening on Lake Culleoka

Miller Lake Barn in Culleoka is usually packed with wedding guests for an event, but on Saturday night local band Classic Vinyl 931 wowed the crowd with an evening of familiar tunes, and the dancing didn’t stop until after of the night.

With a slight cool break from the summer heat and crystal blue skies, around 180 guests enjoyed unusually warm weather at the Cypress Barn site, overlooking Miller Lake, owned by couple Hon and Teresa Lo.

Teresa Lo said the event was a fantastic opportunity to get people out of the house and into listening to wonderful music.

“[The event] did not disappoint. It was a very successful event,” Teresa Lo said in a social media post. “The group was fabulous. The guests were courteous. They sang and danced. And I knew 99.9% of them were having a good time.

The owners of Cypress Barn in Culleoka, Hon and Teresa Lo, take to the dance floor on Saturday night during their live music event featuring the familiar tunes from Classic Vinyl 931.

Lo counted over 180 guests to the event and was thrilled with the response.

“I would like to personally thank all the band members for giving their hearts to the crowd,” Lo said. “We love you Classic Vinyl 931.”

Maury County Commission Chairman Don Morrow’s day job has a lot to do with running county affairs, but on Saturday night he put his rock ‘n’ roll swagger to the tune of ‘Stray Cat Strut” of the Stray Cats, singing and drumming for the song.

Many other classic favorites from Frank Sinatra to Elvis were performed with Shannin Alsup and Hanna Miller singing the main vocals of the evening.

Miller’s rendition of the song, “Fever,” raised the temperature, while Alsup’s impressive channeling of Elvis’ rock and roll sound came out during his performances.

Hodge Cook on keyboard evoked a perfectly reproduced sound of Prince’s “Purple Rain”, while Steve Marks underlined it with soft and warm basslines.

One by one, patrons forgot all shyness as dance partners made their way to the dance floor, twirling, swirling and gliding electrically.

Over 180 visitors showed up to share an evening of live music at Cypress Barn on Saturday night.  What is normally a wedding venue turned into an outdoor concert with a visit to the Wings 1-1 food truck.

A familiar face, former Mt. Pleasant Middle School teacher Ann Sloane visited the group and its former students, Alsup and Miller.

“I taught Hanna in school and I also taught Shannin’s daughter,” Sloane said. “It’s so great to come here and see their band.”

She hopes the event will continue to grow.

The jazzy, hip vibe sometimes took on the feel of a posh cigar lounge.

Teresa Lo’s concession stand provided refreshments and food in addition to a tour of the Wings 1-1 food truck.

After the event, Lo reflected on the evening.

“I was overwhelmed with the response I received,” said Teresa Lo. “I felt very privileged to have this opportunity to provide a fun event for the community. My heart was filled with joy.

The next event with Classic Vinyl will take place on September 3 at Elks Lodge and will return to Cypress Barn in December.

For more information find the group, Classic Vinyl 931 on Facebook.

Jack L. Goldstein