CD Reviews – Corpsegrinder Corpsegrinder


01. Acid Wat (with Erik Rutan)

02. Bottom Dweller

03. On the Wings of Carnage

04. All Souls Are Torn

05. Death is the only key

06. Crimson Proof

07. Devourer of Souls

08. Defined By Your Demise

09. Master of the Longest Night

10. Vaguely Human

Assuming you’ve been awake at some point in the past 30 years, you’ll probably be familiar with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Reassuring proof that the best transcend the music they make, body grinder is rightly recognized as one of the greatest death metal singers of all time, but also as one of the good guys in the metal world. You must, at all times, respect the neck. It’s obvious.

What was perhaps less obvious was the need to Sinner make a solo album. Step into the increasingly influential world Jamey Jastafreshly risen Dee Sniderand clearly in the mood for another worthwhile project. “BODY SQUEAK” is the result, and while it almost goes without saying that it’s a relentlessly savage death metal record, as opposed to a goofy detour into EDM or country rock, what this beat-‘ The wildly addictive 32-minute em-up hammers hardest is the big man’s irresistible charm. Frankly, who is not it wanna hear a body grinder solo album (apart from grumpy old chris barnes)? Exactly.

So here it is: ten muscular, killer tracks of death metal purity, all sufficiently distinct from everything CANNIBAL CORPSE have done lately to justify the initial conceit, and all propelled breathless by Sinnerthe unmistakable and unstoppable vocal delivery of. Like with Jastathe mentorship of Dee Sniderthese songs are beautifully crafted things, tailor-made to showcase the unerring power of that scabrous bark, and produced to fit the values ​​of old school and new school death metal.

Opener “acid tank” (with the tireless Erik Rutan) sums up the sheer, joyful brutality on offer here: significantly simpler than anything on CANNIBAL CORPSEthe last discs of , and violently catchy with; it’s the kind of fatless death metal that breaks necks and wins new converts in equally large numbers. Like always, Sinner dominates the foreground with its effortless precise flow, but “Corpse Crusher” also has the authentic feel of a true group effort. Again, providing our titular hero with the perfect backdrop, “On the Wings of Carnage” is a masterclass in grotesque grooves and morbid menace, with undertones of IMMOLATION in wild riffs. In contrast, “All Souls Are Torn” is an untamed blizzard of mid-90s dissonance and jaw-dropping D-beats that should not be eye-catching, but who definitely is.

As reassuring as the man behind, “Corpse Crusher” it’s about getting straight to the point and blasting it skyward. Of the imperious trampling and tinged with the snapping of “Eater of Souls” to the deformed but snotty assault of two minutes of “Vaguely Human”, Sinner eats these perfectly succinct and punishing songs, slapping his humbly fearsome persona every second and, as was arguably inevitable, giving metalheads one more reason to hail a modern great with a heart of gold and a voice that will mow you down the head .

Inasmuch as

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Jack L. Goldstein