CD Projekt Red Teases Cyberpunk 2077 Transmog System

A Cyberpunk 2077 transmog system has been at the top of some fans’ wishlists almost since the game’s first release, and while action-RPG developer CD Projekt Red has quietly added the framework for such a feature. in Cyberpunk’s 1.5 update, it’s pretty much as much as we’ve seen of the system – so far.

Twitter user Ren Okage tagged the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account in a post lamenting how the player’s in-game appearance is inextricably tied to their stats. Wearing an outfit you like means potentially missing out on better stats or practical features, so you’re really sacrificing for style in Night City. The Cyberpunk account responded with eye emojis, leading Reddit to speculate on whether a new update of some kind might be on the way anytime soon.

Or more specifically, if it could be enabled. Update 1.5 added what appeared to be a full transmog system, including the ability to hide certain accessories, such as the helmet. The choices were locked in, however, so players could only access them using Cyberpunk 2077 mods.

Without the ability to choose between style or substance, some players viewed the gear system as a kind of makeshift hard mode, finding an outfit they liked and sticking with it no matter what challenges it posed. In true Night City fashion, others have simply found ways to crack the game, exploiting the pirate’s unique characteristics and tackling almost any obstacle from afar.

When the transmog system might land in Cyberpunk, however, is another matter. CDPR has been silent on the update front for several months. The developer isn’t included in the Summer Game Fest 2022 spotlight lineup, though it’s possible Cyberpunk news will still slip in between bigger announcements during the showcase.

Every time this happens, it probably won’t be a single update. CDPR may have already started development on The Witcher 4, but the company said during its May Investor Relations report that half of its development team is currently working on the next Cyberpunk update. .

Jack L. Goldstein