CD Projekt Red Confirms New Witcher Medallion Is A Lynx

Earlier this week, developer CD Projekt Red confirmed that a new Witcher title is currently in development. Along with a short blog post, the official Witcher Twitter account tweeted a promotional teaser image. This image was accompanied by a small sentence saying “A new saga begins”. The image itself has caused confusion among fans, as it shows a Witcher medallion in the snow. Although there has been some debate over the animal represented by the medallion, CDPR posed the questions saying it resembled a lynx.

Fans of the Witcher franchise were obviously thrilled to hear that one of the world’s most successful fantasy franchises is developing another chapter in its video game series. However, the promotional image raised more questions. Although fans now know that the medallion depicted is a lynx, there is some debate as to what this might mean for the new game.

What the Witcher Lynx Medallion Could Mean

CDPR confirmed the medallion’s Lynx identity when speaking to Eurogamer about the game. CDPR’s director of global communications, Robin Malinowski, simply said that “some mysteries shouldn’t be so mysterious.”

While this is great news for fans wondering what the locket looked like, fans now have more questions. Originally, some fans thought the medallion hinted at which Witcher school might be the focus of the new game. the wolf’s.

The most popular guess for the teaser was the school of the cat, since the locket is in the shape of a feline. This turned out to be both correct and incorrect. The lynx is, of course, a type of big cat, but there is no indication that CDPR is hinting at the school of the cat with this medallion.

They might tease a whole new school, presumably named the School of the Lynx. There’s also the possibility that the medallion isn’t tied to any Witcher school and signals another direction for the new game. The School of the Lynx is popular fanfiction that the developers could take inspiration from. In it, Vesemir and Kiera Metz form the school after the events of Witcher 3, reforming the school of the cat.

Overall, we don’t know exactly what the lynx medallion means for the new Witcher title. The only aspect of the game that CDPR has confirmed is that it will not be called “The Witcher 4”. This matches the phrase “new saga” found under the lynx medallion in the teaser.

It’s unclear when new details about the game will come out of CDPR, so fans will have to wait and speculate.

Jack L. Goldstein