CD Alcoyano – Barça Atlètic: No draw in the first away match

Barça Atlètic failed to break the deadlock at El Collao (0-0). The Primera División RFEF’s first away game saw Rafa Márquez’s side pick up another point – now four from the opening two matches. With a will to attack and control the game based on a solid defense, only the goal was missing.

In the balance

Barça Atlètic started well at El Collao with Ilias Akhomach and Roberto threatening Bañuz’s goal. A declaration of intent that only grew in the face of sporadic threats from CD Alcoyano. However, this Matchday 2 match remained in the balance.

Barça Atlètic tried to calm things down by keeping possession, but the match was somewhat interrupted due to several fouls, with both goals remaining intact at half-time.

More intense second half

Barca picked up the pace after the break with the highly talented Ilias and Roberto creating an opportunity which the striker sent wide. It seemed energize both sides, with Arnau Tenas having to prevent a certain goal, the only real chance that eluded the Barca defense all game.

Luismi Cruz made his debut at Barça Atlètic as they sought to lead debates and get closer to that elusive goal. Juanda, Àlex Carbonell and the indefatigable Txus Alba all had their moments, but it proved insufficient to break the deadlock, with the final score 0-0.


CD Alcoyano, 0
Barca Atletic, 0

CD Alcoyano: Bañuz, Varela, Álvaro Vega, Raúl (Fran Varela, min. 55), Lillo, Miranda, Juanan, Imanol García (Koke ​​​​Sáiz, min. 63), Agüero (Soler, min. 55), Carbonell and Alcaina ( Rubio, min.55)

Barca Atletic: Arnau Tenas, Àlex Valle, Álvaro Núñez, Chadi Riad, Pelayo (Diounkou, min. 75), M. Casadó (Luismi Cruz, min. 65), Txus Alba, Àlex Carbonell, Estanis (Juanda, min. 65), Ilias Akhomach (Fabio, min. 76) and Roberto (Barberà, min. 38)

Arbitrator: Perez Hernandez. Yellow card for Alcaina (min. 43) from CD Alcoyano and Riad (min. 54) and Barberà (min. 43) from Barça Atlètic.

Jack L. Goldstein