CD 7 Democrat Al Krulick accuses opponent Karen Green of falsifying his credentials

Democratic candidate for Congress Karen Green falsified his university diplomas, supported Al Krulickone of his opponents in the primary elections in Florida’s 7th congressional district.

In a detailed press release issued by his campaign, Krulick accused Green of falsely claiming college degrees from a university in England, Cornell University in New York, and two colleges in Jamaica, his native country.

Green, from Apopka, is a vice president of the Florida Democratic Party, political consultant and leader of a non-profit organization. She participated in the CD 7 competition in April.

She refers to herself as “The Rev. Dr. Karen Green” in various forums, including some of her Congressional campaign materials.

Krulick claimed that the degrees behind these titles do not exist, except for an honorary doctorate she received from an online company that offers honorary doctorates for life experience, without any requirements. of academic work.

“We think, based on what she talks about herself and what she impresses on herself, what she claims is just made up. She just doesn’t have any of those degrees that she claims,” Krulick said. “And the honorary doctorate is wrong. It’s a piece of paper. »

“She’s not a doctor,” Krulick added. “She’s not a reverend. She doesn’t have a master’s degree. She doesn’t have a doctorate.

On Wednesday, neither Green nor his political consultant responded to inquiries from Florida Politics about Krulick’s charges.

Green and his political adviser, matt anderson of Greenlight Media Strategies of Nashville, were made aware of the allegations by Florida Politics when they began circulating in June. Green did not respond to a June 24 text detailing concerns about the status of degrees claimed by Green, or the academic and religious titles she places before her name.

Krulick said he informed the Seminole Democratic Party’s executive committee of his charges last week. Seminole Democratic President Lynn Dictator said the county and state levels of the party are reviewing them.

The party has come up against this before. Three years ago, a Democratic candidate for the State House of Seminole County nominated Elizabeth McCarthy was found guilty of falsifying her credentials, including a claimed doctorate. Finally, McCarthy abandoned and confessed to lying on his references.

Just like McCarthy did in 2019, Green has garnered support from several prominent local Democrats, including Sen. Victor Torresorange county real estate appraiser Amy Mercadoand state officials. Anna V. Eskamani and Carlos Guillermo Smith.

With the redistricting, CD 7 now covers Seminole County and part of southern Volusia County. It leans Republican. The seat is open because the Democratic representative has three terms. Stephanie Murphy decided not to run for another term.

In addition to Krulick and Green, the CD 7 Democratic Primary Election field includes Tatiana Fernandez and Allek Pastrana. Neither has generated much campaigning yet. Meanwhile, Republicans hope overthrow the neighborhood have raised millions dollars in campaign money.

“We are releasing this information more out of sadness than anger,” Krulick said in the press release. “But district voters deserve to know the truth about who they are voting for. All of us in this race have signed a candidate pledge provided by the Seminole County Democratic Party to “present their credentials and history accurately.”

Krulick’s press release refers to Green’s LinkedIn page.

In a screenshot provided by Krulick’s campaign, that page had listed an honorary doctorate in religion, philosophy and humanities from Canada’s International University; a doctorate in industrial psychology from the University of Greenwich in England; an MBA from the University of Greenwich; a postgraduate degree in cross-cultural/multicultural and diversity studies from Cornell University in New York; a bachelor’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica; and a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology from the Jamaica University of Technology.

The information was not readily available on his LinkedIn page this week.

Krulick’s campaign also released a copy of a job application the campaign says Green filed with Miami-Dade Public Schools in 2001, obtained through a public records request. This application does not list any of these degrees. It says she attended both colleges in Jamaica, but only cites associate degrees.

The Krulick campaign cited a story from journalists from Maryland who reported the Canadian International University is “an online degree mill”, founded in Houston, with a New York City mailing address, no known physical office, and no accreditation by any widely recognized accrediting agency. For a fee, the outfit offers honorary doctorates based on people’s life experience.

Krulick said Cornell informed him that it did not offer the degree claimed by Green.

A Cornell An official told Florida Politics that a search revealed no record of her in college, under the name Karen Green, with her date of birth, or under an old name, Karen Edwards.

The University of Greenwich declined Florida Politics’ request to confirm or refute any degree from that institution. A university official said that under UK law the school could only release degree information with the written permission of the student in question.

Krulick said a University of Greenwich official told him he had no record of Green during the years 2015-2020. Krulick said the manager told him he would investigate further to see if there were any previous recordings and would get back to him if he found anything. Krulick said he didn’t hear back.

Jamaica’s colleges did not respond to several inquiries from Florida Politics regarding Green in June.

Florida Politics informed Green in early June, ahead of Candidate Qualifying Week, that it was reviewing questions about his credentials. She dismissed the investigation as nothing new to her and said she would cooperate.

In a June 24 message texted to Green and emailed to Anderson, Florida Politics detailed unsuccessful efforts to confirm his credentials, asked for any evidence they could provide to support them, and asked written permission allowing the University of Greenwich to independently disclose information about it.

The campaign did not respond.

Krulick said he tried to contact Green through the party so she could address his concerns privately, but got no response.

He said he wanted to win the election on his own merits. He said he only reluctantly challenged his credentials publicly, as a last resort.

“We finally had to say, OK, this is what we have to do. This candidate — and I have nothing against her; I don’t want to hurt her; I don’t want to embarrass her — but she has the possibility of embarrassing the rest of us and embarrassing the party,” he said. “And frankly, if she wins the nomination, the Republicans are going to destroy her.

“Karen can deny it. She can admit it. She can refute it. She can ignore it,” he said. “I think it’s necessary for voters to know that and form their own opinion.”

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