Audio-Technica’s New Inexpensive Record Player With Bluetooth Is A Modern Vinyl Dream

At IFA 2022, Japanese audio specialist Audio-Technica unveiled two new affordable turntables featuring Bluetooth connectivity.

Priced at £280 / €329, the brand new AT-LP3XBT is the successor to the brand’s hugely popular AT-LP3 turntable.

The turntable can connect wirelessly to speakers or wireless headphones using Bluetooth 5.2, with the turntable supporting Qualcomm’s aptX high-resolution audio codec.

As well as being packaged in Audio-Technica’s trusty AT-VM95C stylus cartridge, there’s also a built-in switchable phono/line preamp, hydraulically damped tonearm and removable hinged dust cover.

Available from today, the AT-LP3XBT comes in black and white color options.

The AT-LPW50BTRW, which is priced slightly more expensive at £419.99 / €499, takes it up another notch in the new range.

Featuring the same connectivity as its smaller sibling, the extra outlay gets you a “high performance” black AT-VM95E dual moving magnet cartridge, as well as a more luxurious rosewood veneer base made of anti-corrosion MDF. 30 mm thick resonance. .

There’s also a straight carbon fiber tonearm with adjustable tracking force, with the motor featuring a speed sensor system to maintain precise platter rotation, plus an AT- HS4 in matching matte silver.

Like the AT-LP3XBT, the AT-LPW50BTRW is available now from retailers.

Audio-Technica AT-LPW50BTRW Lifestyle Picture

(Image credit: Audio-Technica)

Analysis: These new decks may put audiophiles in a spin, but they offer the best of both worlds

Turntables with built-in analog-to-digital converters and Bluetooth connectivity have become commonplace in recent years, and everyone from Pro-Ject to Elipson now offers wireless-ready turntables.

Purists will no doubt argue that a wireless record deck negates the point of playing analog vinyl in the 21st century.

While that’s an understandable argument, they’d miss the point of what a set of turntables like these two new steel wheels from Audio-Technica provide – namely flexibility and convenience.

Both new turntables give the user the option to set up with a conventional wired system for all that analog richness, but also give you the ability to stream directly to Bluetooth headphones and smart speakers scattered around your home.

While this may lead to a potential drop in fidelity due to compression when going wireless, with both turntables boasting Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and high-bandwidth Qualcomm aptX support, only audiophiles enjoy them. more discerning are likely to hear compromise.

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