ARMYs Crash Over New Song Run BTS Announcement; Cypher PT 3, return of euphoria

BTS has released the second tracklist for their upcoming Proof anthology and it has fans, aka ARMYs, screaming! The CD2 track listing features one new song while the rest includes a solo track from each member – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – and a few sub-unit songs. The new track on the second CD is Run, BTS. Dwayne Abernathy Jr, RM, Ebenezer, J-Hope, GHSTLOOP, Jungkook, Suga, Oneye (Pontus Kalm), Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz and Feli Ferraro reunite for the track.

Other songs on Proof tracklist CD 2 include Intro: Persona, Stay, Moon, Never Vu, Trivia: Seesaw, BTS Cypher PT.3: Killer, Outro: Ego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, 00:00 ( Zero O’Clock), Euphoria and Dimple.

BTS’ proof will drop in June. Here is an overview of the CD2 tracklist.

The new tracklist has fans screaming. While a few fans joked that Kim Taehyung must have knocked down the house to secure Cypher PT. 3 was part of the track while many others deduced each member’s favorite solo track based on the songs featured in the list.

Earlier this week, BTS released the first tracklist – Proof tracklist CD1 – and it featured 14 songs. The list included Run, Danger and BTS’ debut song No More Dream and a new track titled Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).

Fans of the Grammy-nominated K-pop group believe the new song will be an addition to BTS’ HYYH era, which was a concept created by the group. HYYH means “Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa”, which translates to the most beautiful or happiest time in a person’s life. HYYH consists of four BTS albums. Connecting the dots, fans also found a clue in the music video for Run, the lead single from their fourth extended play, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2, released in 2015. In the video, RM is seen walking beside a freight car with number 20219. The train with number 20219 was seen in the music video for Reflection, a song from their 2016 album Wings.

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Jack L. Goldstein