A funeral somehow led to a CD getting stuck in my PS5 disc drive

Due to unforeseen events, I learned that not only does the PS5 not support CD-R discs, but these CD-R discs can also get stuck in your PS5 disc drive. So, PS5 owners, avoid inserting CD-R discs into your PS5 because I promise you will do your best to avoid sending your console to PlayStation Support.

This dilemma started two weeks ago. I had a big family event coming up (a funeral, to be precise), and my family wanted me to take care of the music. Because I consider myself a music connoisseur, I swore to myself that I would make at least 90% of the funeral attendees cry, and One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Open My Heart by Yolanda Adams were going to m help do it.

But there was a problem; the church where the funeral was to be held only had a CD player to play music, so I found myself having to burn a CD in 2021.

test it

With the heartbreaking songs of Mariah Carey and Yolanda Adams burned to a blank CD-R using my old laptop from 2010, I now had to check if the songs had been successfully burned to the CD…but I didn’t. Didn’t have a CD player handy.

Maybe it was because I remembered the PS3 being the ultimate media center, but I thought my PS5 was going to be able to read CD-R discs, so I stupidly inserted the CD-R disc into my PS5 and …it got stuck.

The PS5 did not read the disc and every time I pressed the eject button an unpleasant clicking noise came from the console. Now in a panic, I immediately went to PlayStation’s support site and found that you can manually eject discs by removing the side panels of the PS5 and using a magic screwdriver. However, that didn’t work either. So I had no choice but to send my PS5 in for repair.

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PlayStation Support Issues

April of this year was the first time I had to use PlayStation support, as my DualSense controller had the all too common stick drift issue and needed to be sent in for repair.

I was afraid to send the DualSense in for repair due to the slew of negative PlayStation Support reviews on Reddit, but luckily I was mostly satisfied with the service. PlayStation Support only took two weeks to get my controller back to me, so I figured sending my PS5 to the repair center should be a relatively straightforward process… but it wasn’t.

After some conflicting information on whether my PS5 had indeed been received by the repair center – it was – after about two weeks I finally got my PS5 back. PlayStation support had managed to get the CD-R disc out of the disc drive and everything was fine, until I tried to insert Deathloop (I’ve been dying to play it for the past week now), to find that the PS5 simply refused to accept the disc.

So after ejecting the stuck CD-R disc from the disc drive, no disc could be inserted. Maybe PlayStation Support somehow didn’t test the disc drive before sending the PS5 back to me, which is kind of ridiculous. Now I’m stuck here with a PS5 that doesn’t take discs, and in hindsight maybe I should have purchased Deathloop digitally from the PS Store.

Currently, I still haven’t received a definitive answer from PlayStation Support as to whether I should return my PS5 to be repaired again.

But, on a high note, my funeral music selection was a hit, so my thanks go to Mariah Carey and Yolanda Adams for tearing my family apart.

On the other hand, I’m about to cry myself watching all the PS5 games I currently can’t play, which is partly PlayStation Support’s fault, but largely my own fault for thinking that my new PS5 could play CD-R discs.

Jack L. Goldstein